The Best Puppy Toys For Your New Puppy

Puppy Toys

Most people think that dogs know only how to sleep and eat. But puppies are so much more than that. They are intelligent, playful, and loyal animals. Just like humans, puppies need stimulation as well. Stimulation with pups often comes in the form of puppy toys.

Adopting a puppy comes with many responsibilities. Experienced dog owners will tell you that for puppies, toys are essential items, just like food, bed, and other basic necessities.

Because you won’t be able to give all of your time to your pups, puppy toys are necessary for them to pass their time. Moreover, toys are something they can use to focus their attention on, have fun and keep busy while you are away, but also improve their physical and mental skills.

In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the benefits of toys for dogs and review the best toys for a new puppy.

Best Puppy Toys for a New Puppy

If you’ve never had a dog, the first thing you’ll notice is that dogs chew. Puppies, adult dogs, even senior dogs, they all chew. This is completely normal, it’s in their nature. To prevent the chewing from becoming destructive, you will need puppy toys.

There are many toys available on the market with whom puppies can play. We have selected the best three for your consideration.

1. Kong

When it comes to puppy toys, the Kong teething toy is a classic. And it’s a classic for a reason, it’s safe, durable, but most of all, it’s fun. Moreover, this toy is multifunctional.

It’s made up of rubber, and it has a beehive shape. Due to this, the inner of the toy is empty, and you can fill it with soft foods, such as peanut butter, kibble, and other treats. This will keep your pup physically and mentally stimulated for hours.

The Kong teething toy can also be used as a learning device. Your pup will have to figure out how to get all the food on its own. Just make sure the food is moist so that your puppy doesn’t get frustrated by dried food.

Kong is available in many colors and sizes. Furthermore, it’s very affordable, making it one of the best toys for puppies. Overall, a great toy for improving learning while having a good time.

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2. Chuckit

Chuckit fetch balls are softly rounded balls made of rubber. These puppy toys are perfect for physical activity. Therefore, a sports toy to keep your puppy lively and energetic is our second recommendation.

There is nothing better than a happy and playful puppy. The Chuckit fetch ball is very bouncy and highly durable, perfect for puppies that chew and have lots of energy. This ball takes care of both problems.

It’s made entirely out of high-quality rubber, it comes in different sizes, and the bright orange color makes it easy to spot, whether you are playing in tall grass or dirt. Furthermore, Chuckit ball floats in water, making it perfect for water games.

It is a very simple and affordable toy but very beneficial for small puppies. Thus, Chuckit is also included in our list of best toys for a new puppy.

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3. Variety Chew Toys

Chew puppy toys come in many varieties, but they are essential for any dog. Whether it’s a rubber ball, a knotted rope, or a combination of both, chew toys are very beneficial for new pups, because they can relieve some pressure on their growing teeth.

With these toys, you can encourage positive games. Moreover, your puppy can develop healthy chewing habits, floss its teeth with the rope, deal with anxiety easier, and control the barking.

Choosing the best rope toy can be tricky. These toys are made out of natural cotton fibers. Moreover, they are tightly hand-knotted, safe, and washable. A list of best toys for puppies wouldn’t be complete without these toys.

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Benefits of Puppy Toys

These toys can help prevent your puppy from biting and chewing household items such as the couch, pillows, clothes, or tissue rolls. In addition, toys can help your puppy unwind and have fun. There are many benefits of having these toys, including:

  • Toys provide dogs with exercise.
  • Chew toys are safer than bones.
  • Toys provide mental stimulation.
  • Many chew toys promote dental health.
  • Toys build independence.
  • They can relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Toys are fun.


Keeping our pets safe and happy should always be our priority. For this reason, make sure the puppy toys are big enough to chew, but not too small to be swallowed. You don’t want your toys to be a choking hazard.

All of the toys mentioned above are not only good for puppies of all ages, but they also enable you to manage your time more effectively. Therefore, it is very helpful to have the best puppy toys for a new puppy.