What To Do When You First Bring Home A Puppy

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Bringing a new puppy in your home is very much exciting and overwhelming time. But you will have to take extra care for your puppy and get your house ready for them and their living space before they come home to their forever home. If you are adopting a puppy, then you will have to relocate their birth place to your home carefully. You will have to puppy proof your house and make your house perfect for the new member of your family!

You will have to buy some chew toys for your puppy as these toys keep them happy and relaxed. Puppy care is the most important thing that every pet owner has to follow. You can buy so many puppy supplies for your dog for their regular activities. If you are planning to bring a new puppy in your home, then check out the list below for what to do when you first bring home your puppy!

Take extra care for your puppy:

Puppies are extremely curious, like toddlers. They can’t understand the matter of safety and what is good and bad for them, so puppy care is very important! You will have to get everything ready for your puppy (how to puppy proof your home). If a puppy gets into something of yours at home, most likely they will chew it. To avoid this, purchasing the puppy supplies from a store such as chew toys specifically made to engage the attention of your puppy can help with learning not to chew on household items. To make your home puppy proof, one of the best ways to look at it is from the puppy’s point of view. They will get into anyway, so make sure you don’t miss anything from top to bottom. Anything harmful to your pup, such as dangerous household items like cleaners and bleaching powders, out of the reach of your puppy. Making sure you don’t have any hazardous plants in the back yard where your fur baby will be is also important too.

Fencing option:

Keeping your puppy in your back yard will be fine if you have the appropriate fence to keep your dog safe.

Good fencing can save your puppy from escaping, which could cause all sorts of trouble.

This could include your dog being stolen or even killed. Chain link fencing or privacy fencing are the best option to give actual protection to your puppies. You can also install automatic fencing options in your house and control it through a remote. 


You should not bring home your new puppy if you are planning to go on a long vacation in the near future. After bringing the puppy to your home, you will have to spend a lot of time with them. You can’t leave them lonely in your home after first adopting them, as this can be a cause to future behavioral issues. Puppies should be treated just the same way as you would look after an infant. You will have to take care of them with gentle touch, affection, constant supervision, love and patience. You will need to take care of puppy grooming and you will have to interact with them and other dogs regularly. 

Teaching and training:
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You will have to teach and train your puppy with extra and gentle puppy care methods. Puppy supplies can give you extra support in this matter (see our recommended lists for products to find out more information!). Every interaction with your puppy is so important and vital as it can easily make a strong bond between you and your puppy. Start toilet training them from day one. Giving them positive reinforcement training or negative reinforcement can really help aid this training (such as giving them a treat or attention when they’ve done good, or giving them a time out with no attention when they have done something wrong). This will help them to get accustomed with your family members.

Stock up the puppy supplies:

If you want to bring home a new puppy, then you will have to arrange and buy a lot of puppy supplies for taking puppy care. Having all these things prepared before you bring home your puppy can help relax your puppy in their new environment while also giving you peace of mind. Having done all the research and having all the things you need to raise a puppy will help reduce your stress and improve training and the adjustment period.


By doing the research you’re currently doing, you will be helping raise your new puppy in the right way. Always remember if you treat your puppy well, this will be reflected and shown in them as an adult dog, and will be a companion for life. You can find all you need for all aspects of getting a puppy here on this site!