What kind of puppy bowl for me?

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Nothing compares with the joy a dog brings and there is no other friend in your life that will give you so much unconditional love. Dogs are loyal, loving and fun creatures and you won’t regret deciding to own one. But before filling your life with never ending happiness and fun you should take in consideration what special care needs to be done in order to grow a healthy dog. 

In order to be the best puppy parent you need the best nutrition and of course, some good puppy bowls. Are all your plans in motion for when your puppy arrives? What about eating routine? As puppies need to be fed 3 or 4 times a day you should definitely be prepared with the best bowl for you adorable new pet. If you’ve already bought the best puppy food, you must also consider to buy the best puppy bowl there is. Here are 2 options, a low cost option and a more high end option, for you that will help you make the best decision.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

The Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl is the perfect choice if you are looking for a durable and rust resistant bowl which can be used for dry or wet food, treats and water as well. It hold up to 38 ounces each. The fact that the bowl will be a bit bigger for your puppy won’t be a problem at all because, as we know, some puppies can make quite a mess when they eat. If this is the case, having the bigger bowl will help with spilled staying inside it. 


The bowl comes with a rubber base, making it a sturdy design so your puppy won’t move it everything, causing water or food to be spilled all over your floor. It also has the added benefit that once the bowl needs a wash after use, it can go right in your own dishwasher at home, so no need to hand wash it yourself! 

These stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe and really study. They will not hold odors and after you’ve washed them, the bowl will be good as new and ready for the next meal. These bowls can be used for puppies and big dogs as well, so you won’t have to change the bowl after the dog gets bigger. This might add the benefit of your dog not having to learn to use a different new bowl as well. These bowls are also great for traveling with and will be good in any situation anywhere! 


A negative of this bowl could be that your puppy finds it too large to start with, depending on the dog itself or the breed/size. If this is the case, you can store it for when they are a little older and bigger! (However, most dogs (and owners) love using this bowl and have no complaints!)

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The Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog bowl

The Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog bowl which is a more fancier choice for you puppy. A huge pro for buying this Neater Feeder is its design. It is made out of 2 parts which are detachable, two bowls for food and water, which are part of the first layer. It also has a second, bottom layer. Where if anything is spilled when eating, is collected before hitting your floor. This is a great design, as it helps with preventing mess and saving your time cleaning up to be hassle free. 


It also has an easy detachable option, to fit perfectly in your dishwasher for safe washing. With this efficient bowl you won’t be spending so much time on cleaning after your dog, so you’ll actually have more time to train it or just socialize with it. It comes in 3 sizes, has a height of 5 inches and you can also separately buy a leg extension for when you puppy gets a little bigger. The two bowls of the medium neater feeder are made out of stainless steel and the food one has a capacity of 3.5 cup and 5 cup the water bowl. 


So let’s talk disadvantages. One disadvantage of this puppy bowl is that after your puppy gets bigger you will need to buy another Neater Feeder that is suitable for its size. So you will have to buy at least 2 neater feeders, one for when your dog is a puppy and one for when it gets bigger. Another drawback is the size of Neater Feeder and if you decide to travel you won’t be able to take the bowl with you. You will have to have another one for traveling. Also its size can be another downside too when it comes to washing it, because instead of washing just 2 pieces you will have 2 bigger ones and the their 2 bowls too. 

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No matter what puppy you have you can rest assured there is a perfect puppy bowl out there, ready for you and your adorable pet. 

While you spend all that time training your dog or playing with it, remember that you did everything that was necessary to provide your puppy to grow healthy, strong, happy and well fed. And with a bit of extra attention and care you will have a loyal companion for a very long time, lots of happy wagging tails and puppy eyes staring at you lovingly.