Should I get puppy insurance?

Puppies can bring amazing love into our lives. It is correct that we return some of this loves with respect and good care. Puppy insurance is slightly different from your regular insurance plan. The puppy insurance policy allows you to ensure that he gets the best medical care from the first day he is taken home.

Puppies need more care than when they grow up. In the first year of life, multiple injections and immunizations, knotting or sterilization, and parasite control are major problems. Look for a puppy insurance that covers all these basic care needs and also has accident insurance. Puppies understand their environment through exploration. They are naturally curious and have no hidden dangers. Puppies will have noses everywhere, including places where they may be injured. Once you have a new puppy at home, make sure to take care of it to the greatest extent.

Puppy proof your home

puppy training

Just like proofing a baby at home, you need to lower the vantage point to the level of a puppy, to puppy proof your home. Yes, it means to sit down. Look for something that will attract puppies. Looking for something particularly interesting. Puppies like to chew. You also need to ensure that there are no wires in the puppy’s reach. Once chewed well, the puppy may be seriously burned or electrocuted. This may also cause a fire. Make sure to remove or cover up anything interesting to the puppy.

Close the closet door

Make sure your closet door is closed tightly. This will ensure that your puppy has no opportunity to use your shoes and any other items that may be in your closet as chewing toys. Puppies can also easily suffocate on shoelaces, which can be a deadly danger. If possible, use elastic to close the closet door securely.

Protection wire

As we all know, electric wires can carry electricity and are harmful to humans and puppies. Another way to prove the puppies in your home is to buy a thread cover. The wire cover is placed on the wire to prevent the puppy from biting the wire. In turn, this will reduce your puppy’s risk of electric shock.

Guard the trash can

Puppies love the smell of food and other waste found in trash cans. No matter how hard you try, puppies still like to enter the trash and mess up! One safety measure taken is always to close the lid of the trash can tightly. To provide extra protection, you may consider placing a door in front of the trash can to prevent children from entering, so that your puppy will rarely have a chance to be inserted into the trash can.

In the bathroom

Depending on the type of dog you have, you will always want to close the toilet lid. This not only prevents puppies from drinking contaminated or possibly chlorine-containing water but also prevents puppies from drowning. In addition, it is also a good idea to fix any bathroom cabinet within reach of the puppy, so the puppy will not accidentally enter any cleaning or toxic products.

Getting puppy insurance early for your puppy is the right thing to do. The cost will be lower than insuring an older pet, and you may be able to find yourself a plan that covers the “elective procedures” such as neutering and shots.

Train your puppy correctly

After bringing the puppies into your home, the first thing you need to do is to train it. This does not have to be like doing housework. It can bring you and the puppies closer together, thus creating a bond of love and understanding. Training your puppy will not only bring you bonds but also ensure their safety and keep your house organized. Find the best supplies for puppy training here.

Puppy insurance

That said, make sure to train your puppy only in the right mood, because if you try to train it when you are in a bad mood, it will not benefit you or your puppy. Animals are smart, and when things are wrong, they can perceive it. If they start getting frustrated with training, give it a break and have some fun with them.

To start training, you only need to teach your puppy basics. Once completed, it will make it easier for your puppy to learn other things. The basic knowledge is: sit, stay, down and leave it. You will be able to build from these commands immediately. When training, as long as they understand and complete the command, give your pup a reward of food to reinforce the good behaviour.

When your puppy is training and doing the right thing, give them a lot of praise and attention, they only like to pay attention and be loved. Once they enjoy some treatment and get some praise, you ask them not to repeat it, so they will not only get some benefits but also make the owner happy.


Look for puppy insurance policy that covers all of these basic care needs and also has accident coverage. A policy will help ensure that your little bundle of energy and love will receive the very best care in his first year of life. It will also ensure that he makes the transition into adulthood in tip-top health because you have given him the best possible start to life. 

Puppy insurance is not very popular among people. Many people think that this is just luxury and unnecessary. People rarely know that if they insure a puppy, they will be able to save a lot of money. Insurance covers risks that may cause puppies to die. Because puppies have weaker bodies than older puppies, they are more susceptible to illness and injuries during accidents. Therefore, to avoid the accumulation of repeated veterinary bills, it is wise to invest in puppy insurance. Talk to your vet to find out the best deals for