Puppy Starter List

Bringing a new pup home, especially for the first time, can be very exciting. The pup is not only a great addition to your family, but in no time, you will have a best friend welcoming you home after a long day. How exciting can that get!

First things first, you need to do some ice breaking to get that relationship moving. So, how do you build a relationship with your dog to ensure they are well taken care of? Puppy care is fundamental to creating a bond with your pup.

Good news is, it’s simpler to bond with your pup than your fully developed dog. So, are you ready for some pup homecoming? We have prepared you a puppy starter list to guide you through bonding with your dog and puppy care. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Create a friendly and welcoming environment

The first simple step of the puppy starter list is to ensure they feel welcome in their new home. A puppy may feel anxious and even scared of the new house and the environment. As a pup parent, you should create a safe space for your pup to feel comfortable and welcomed (puppy proof your home).

getting a new puppy checklist

For instance, too much can be overwhelming. Imagine your pup getting lost in another room while wandering around. They can get distressed and even panicky.

An important key point on this puppy starter list is confining your puppy to a few rooms as they get conversant with their new home. You can put up small baby gates and barriers within which you can place the pup’s bed and food.

Creating a safe space for your pup, as we have mentioned on our puppy supply list also includes providing a quiet and peaceful environment for your new guest. Loud sounds can scare your pup, and so will many people. If you are handling a puppy from a shelter with a history of abuse or trauma, you should be extra gentle and friendly. Avoid startling the puppy at all costs to make bonding even easier.

Spending time with your puppy

Your puppy is not meant to wait by the door for you when you get home. The reason you got the pup in the first place was for companionship. The second item on our puppy starter lists is spending time with your puppy. Time is priceless, and you should always create time for your pup. There are many ways to spend time with your pup, for instance, brushing your puppy. Although it may sound silly, brushing time allows you a minute with your puppy. It is a simple ritual that can create such a strong bond between you and your canine. Grooming your dog makes them see you as the care provider, and you only. Therefore, it earns you trust from your pup.

Talk to your puppy
puppy boarding

Even though you and your puppy may not speak the same language, this next point of our starter list is key to bonding with your puppy. It would help if you talked to your pup when you are feeding them. Initiate a conversation like asking about their day or talk about yours.

Developing reliable communication with your dog also allows you to learn their body language and responses. You will be able to tell when they are anxious, happy, or fearful.


Even without a puppy starter list, who doesn’t enjoy playing with their dog? Playing with your pup contributes to your bonding as they feel loved and appreciated by the new owner. There are many games you can play with your puppy. For instance, you can play fetch in the park. It can also be a great way to explore new places with your pup.

Also, you can enroll your puppy in dog sports. There are countless options from agility games to fly and herding. The main reason for this or any puppy list is to help you bond with your dog. Choose carefully!

Train your puppy

Another key point on our puppy starter list is training your puppy. As much as you can pull on a happy, loving owner, you should also be able to say no to your puppy. A good puppy parent is one who can firmly but fairly train a puppy.

You can train your puppy using the reward system, where you give treats such as cookies on any excellent deed they do. For instance, if you ask them to sit, and they do, a treat will go a long way in communicating that the pup did a good deed, and they should keep it up.

You can correct your puppy calmly without necessarily having to be harsh or abusive verbally or physically. You shouldn’t entertain unnecessary barking or pooping everywhere.

Walks and Exercise
puppy socialization

Time to put on those gym shoes and take your puppy out for a walk! It’s important to bond with your dog by taking walks in the park together. You can also walk around the neighborhood to familiarize them with their new environment. You could make it a morning jog with your puppy to exercise and bonding. This also helps get their energy out, and as a puppy, if they aren’t given the adequate attention, they will most likely turn to being curious (which could mean digging or chewing furniture).

Social skills

Although it may be tempting to smother your puppy with cuddles and hugs all the time, it’s crucial to allow them some independence and their own me time. It would be best if you did not turn into some “puppyzilla” over your canine. It is a crucial puppy starter to help develop social skills in your puppy.

You can do this by taking them for play dates with other puppies in the park or leave them to establish their own living space with the other dogs if you have any.


While trying to get all tips of a puppy starter list right, always remember that it’s the simple things that matter the most. Cuddling with your puppy and feeding them every day speaks volumes compared to buying expensive toys.

Finally, even with a puppy starter list, remember to give it time. Not even Rome was built in a single day. What makes you think a bond is created in a day or two? It may take time for your little buddy to be completely comfortable with you, but finally, you will have that breakthrough!

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