New Puppy Care Tips

Congratulations! You finally did it. You’ve just gotten a new member of the family coming over, and you are ecstatic. Your life will never be the same again. Well, at least for me, life changed for the better after a grueling period with my new-found love. Despite the constant jibber-jabber and excitement from the neighbor’s kids, I didn’t really understand the magnitude and the ramifications of what I’d gotten myself into, bearing in mind that I already had a long-standing family member with us. Your guess is as good as mine. Chaos! I didn’t have the opportunity of getting some of the new puppy advice but had to find it all myself, but don’t fret. I’m here now to help. Rest easy that your transition will be as smooth as a baby’s bum. So, what are the tips and experiences that might help when it comes to puppy care? Indulge yourself.

Heading Home

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The first step towards bonding with your puppy is on your first journey home. Whether it’s a long drive from the breeder or shelter or a short flight, chances are that anxiety attack will follow. One of the new puppy advice I received was to tag along with a towel or a t-shirt that bore its litter mates or mother’s scent. I wish I hadn’t received such a piece of advice later since my journey was marred with constant whining and barking due to anxiety. Puppies tend to build up tension once they get out of their mother’s comfort or get introduced to new environments.

Calming an anxious puppy is an uphill task since they have the least control of their bowel movements. Long story short, I arrived home in a stinky car and had to air it out for a few days. You don’t have to go through this as it’s simpler to calm it down. Just carry is blanket with you (or have some puppy pads handy!).

Some of the new puppy advice I later got was patting or stroking the dog while talking to it. At the time, it didn’t occur to me that talking to the dog was an effective stress reliever and a way of teaching the dog to realize and recognize your voice until later on. I applied such advice, and she’s now outgoing and doesn’t hide under the table like before.

Pecking Order

For dog owners who already have a long-standing member, a new pecking order is a must. In my case, Charlie wouldn’t let it go easy when I introduced Bailey. Being territorial, she was overly protective of me leading to elevated tension. One of the most common new advice for those with existing dogs is to let the pecking order naturally take its course. We know that your overprotective of the new puppy, but trust me, it does more harm than good. Just be sure to keep an eye that the older dog doesn’t overstep its boundary.

It was a stressful time for me, and at times, I was an emotional wreck. My older dog used to bite the tiny new one, and I would yell at her. Little did I know that my actions made the situation worse. The older one ended up retreating and seemed to be more stressed. In such situations, it would only be prudent to say a firm no until it gets the hang of it. I became an expert on getting a new puppy quickly.

Spend Ample Time Together

I know that most of us are on the grind with crazy shifts and crunched for time. Termed as one of the most fundamental new puppy advice out there,

Spending ample time with your new-found love ensures that there is minimal rein.

You’ll be able to detect and rectify certain behaviors early before they become habitual. In my case, I came home to find tissue linings strewn all over the living room area. If that’s not enough, my puppy swallowed one of my misplaced prized earrings. I had to prep her up for surgery to get the earring back. It all goes to show that spending more time together limits their destructive nature. I should add to the new puppy advice that if you can’t devote ample time to your pup, readily carry them to work. At least you can periodically bump in and check in on them. This time could be used for puppy grooming to bond you and your pup in a productive way.

Finding the Appropriate Vet

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Speaking of surgery, it was a nerve-wracking experience for me since she recently just got out of the shelter. I didn’t know the kind of internal damage the earring had inflicted on her. Fast forward, she was awarded a clean bill of health, thanks to the efforts of the vet. You must have a qualified vet a call away since such animals have a tendency to get sickly, partly due to our own faults. Having your own qualified vet is among the best new puppy advice you can get out there since it acts as a buffer to some of the nerve-wracking experiences such as mine.


Pet puppies are cute and adorable, but they do come with responsibilities that may actually weigh one down. I hope that some of these experiences will go a long way in equipping first-time puppy owners for that elusive smooth transition.

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