Best Toys For A New Puppy

Puppies are a great pet that can add colors to your life. They are the most loyal pets that we can have and they are among the most adopted pets because of their friendly nature. Their property of paying back love is something that can make you feel comforted and happy, especially in this era of selfishness. But, to adopt a puppy comes up with certain responsibilities. Experienced people have a good understanding of the needs and requirements of puppies. As you can not give all your time to puppies, there is a need for them to have some toys to pass their time. In this article, we’ll discuss why puppies need toys and some best toys for a new puppy.

Best toys for new puppy

Puppies require both physical and emotional support. It’s their innate physical nature to bite and chew things. Emotionally, they need activities when kept away from their family. Toys can partially or completely fulfill such needs of puppies. A number of such toys are available with whom puppies can play and bite them. These toys help puppies in time pass and also fulfill their chewing requirement. Such toys are also necessary because they help prevent the biting of your household things like the couch, pillows, tissue rolls, etc. by puppies. The best toys for a new puppy will help you avoid such problems.

Boredom is the root cause of destructive behavior in puppies. It also leads to attention-seeking behavior in them. Once again dog toys help in these situations. Some toys are great mental stimulators for puppies. They eliminate the boring time period and also help in the behavioral modification in puppies. Moreover, toys are a good means for teaching some skills to the puppies. Dogs take good interests in challenges. You can make puppy learn eating and other behavioral habits using these toys. Also, the toys are helpful in improving the emotional intelligence of puppies. That’s a lot of discussion about the need for toys. The next section of this article is concerned with the list of best toys for a new puppy.

What exactly are the best toys for a new puppy

1. Kong:

This is the most recommended toy to be included in the list of toys for puppies. It’s a multifunctional toy with a beehive shape and made up of rubber. The inner cave-like empty space can be filled with soft foods. Puppies have to figure out the ways to get the food out of Kong using their tongue. Make sure to stuff Kong with moist food so that the puppies don’t get frustrated by dried and unreachable food. Thus Kong is a challenge for puppies that improve their learning and a very good time passing toy. Its like a best friend to puppies and most people review it as the best possible toy. Kong is available in multi colors and varied shapes. Its cost is also absolutely affordable so it’s among the best toys for a new puppy. 

2. Sharlov:

Sharlovy is another no stuffed dog chewable toy recommended for puppies. It’s multiple pieces of toys with 14 pack rope, Frisbee, dog toothbrush, etc. It’s a wonderful tool for engaging puppies in healthy physical activity. Therefore if you are busy and don’t have enough time for your puppy, a Sharlovy will be really helpful on this occasion. Dog owners come up with a very positive review of this toy. Sharlovy is also available in different shapes and colors. It is also low in cost so you can buy one for your puppy. If you are looking for best toys for a new puppy then Sharlovy is a toy of your choice.

3. Chuckit:

It is a small toy that functions as a ball thrower. Chuckit balls are soft rounded balls make of rubber. Puppies rush to get the ball. Chuckit is, therefore, a sports toy for puppies. It engages them in physical activity that is good to keep them lively and energetic. A happy and playing puppy is always lovable to watch. Thus Chuckit is also included among the list of best toys for a new puppy. It is a very simple and cheap toy but beneficial for the puppies.


There are a number of other toys available online that are good for your puppies. Puppies love to play with these toys. You must choose the best toys for a new puppy to manage their activities. However, these should be a limited time for puppies to play with these toys. This will help in keeping their interest in the toys because too much playing time makes them frustrated and fed-up of their toys. Therefore these toys must be provided to puppies to keep them lively, healthy and energetic. These toys are not only good for puppies (and adult dogs) but they also enable you to manage your time. Therefore it is very helpful to have the best toys for a new puppy.