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Hi all, first things first – let tell you about myself and my passion for puppies. Getting a puppy is pretty exciting – especially if you’ve raised them before, but there’s a lot of us out there who are a bit unsure of how to provide proper puppy care if you’ve never done it before.

Looking around the internet, talking to many experts and doing extensive research, I’ve been able to find a list of things to help you when first getting a puppy, that helped me out hugely when I first got my girl. I’d like to share my own personal experiences with you and some fun tidbits that can help you on your way. But first let me tell you a bit about myself.

About me!
Your Puppy Care

I’m Ashley, but my friends just call me Ash most of the time. I grew up around dogs in our home ever since I can remember and over the years I can tell you there is nothing more exciting about a new litter. I have two adorable dogs, Bailey (4) and Charlie (6) and they are the best friends I could ever ask for. I’ll be honest, Charlie is a female but when I first adopted her she had this cute little mustache patch right above her lip that reminded me of Charlie Chaplin. Silly huh? Bailey is a female with a golden tone that instantly reminded me of the warm rich color of Baileys Irish Cream (one of my personal fav’s on a winter night snuggling up with these two)…

Both Bailey and Charlie were adopted through a shelter not too far from me and I remember having pups since I was little. I hadn’t had pets for years after I went off to Sarasota State University, so it wasn’t until I finally got my own place that I really wanted to raise puppies on my own. For those out there who want to know more about getting a puppy, here’s what I did when I adopted Bailey and Charlie.

Adopting my fur babies:

Puppy Care
Puppy Care

At any animal shelter, you’ll find that puppies aren’t so common. There’s usually lots of strays and dogs who have been given up for adoption. I didn’t want full grown dogs, though I found the shelter was a good place to start. At the front desk I asked if there were any dog owners who were expecting puppies anytime soon. I was surprised to hear that there were quite a few who were looking for people to adopt, so that’s how I got in touch with a nice married couple who have two dogs that were expecting a new litter. And that’s how I was able to get Charlie, and then eventually Bailey. I had even forgotten that new puppies stay with their mother until they are about 7-9 weeks and when I was young I just wasn’t aware how that worked. But I did remember all the basic steps. In a nutshell, getting a puppy isn’t hard at all, I just needed all the right products for them to keep them happy and healthy.

Getting the right things to buy for a new puppy:

At first I didn’t know what things would be best for a new pup, so I did my best and talked to my local dog Vet. He was a huge help for telling me about the right types of foods, diet and health care but most of the home prepping I had to learn through trial and error. Charlie was a real handful and she tore through lots of my favorite shoes, and even got into places I never thought were possible! By the time I adopted Bailey, I had two years of experience and was feeling confident. It wasn’t until I brought home Bailey that I could see how important it was to do again when experiencing a new puppy once again. Now we’re all one big happy family.

All my reviews are based from Amazon reviews on each product, and are extensively researched to gather a full insight into the products I recommend.

Getting into YourPuppyCare.com:

I would always post about my dogs online through Facebook and have friends who always asked me questions about how hard it is to have a puppy or a dog and somehow one day I got this idea that popped in my head.

That’s pretty much how the idea for yourpupycare.com got started, since I wanted other people to learn the in’s and out’s about getting a puppy and puppy care all at one helpful site. I hope this helps a bit for anyone who is looking for the right info on puppy care. And after years of experience and plenty of trips to the vet for all sorts of reasons, you can take my advice as fact- I know what I’m talking about.

Thanks for reading! – Ash xx

I’ve compiled all the information I’ve gathered over time and put them into this handy site of mine, so to start you can have a look below to start you out!

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